Fitness management software MyiClubOnline offers gym owners the best fitness management tools. Using this software, potential customers can easily join your club. Manages current membership classes comprehensively.


Using MyiClubOnline, potential members can easily join your club. Manages all types of current member classes. Provides members with access to all appointment details. Update member account information, check late payments, view your billing history, and more easily.

Benefits Accessible On

  • Update payment information.
  • Update your contact information.
  • You can view and print your subscription contract.
  • Print your billing and payment history.
  • Add and update recurring services and amenities.
  • Create your club account, and you’ll never need your wallet again.
  • Register for the class of your choice and reserve your seat.
  • You can upload your logo and customize MYiCLUBonline with up to three colors whether you are using the basic or premium version.

By signing up for MYiCLUBonline Premium, interested parties can receive free information and offers for their club whenever they like. Members can review their plan options, terms, and conditions online before submitting personal and billing information. The members can securely enter their credit, debit, or checking account information through the secure, PCI-compliant system.


New members can receive their membership agreement by sending them an email or printing out a confirmation page and membership agreement. The online registration process takes just five minutes. In fact, it’s so easy that you might even want to have a computer in your club so new members can apply themselves.

Basic Version

The basic version of MYiCLUBonline allows members to update account information such as postal addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. The member can also view their billing history, see payments due, pay, and schedule future payments.

Premium Version

This premium version of MYiCLUBonline includes all the features of the free version plus many more. Customers can join your club online with MYiCLUBonline Premium, and your existing members can update their account information, manage their schedules, view their past records and purchases, and print reports on their activity.